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05 Jul 2017

How to Maintain your Artificial Lawns?

maintain artificial lawns

The best part of installing artificial lawns is that it does not require the maintenance an organically created garden would need. Unlike the natural grass, there is no need to mow, aerate, water, weed, reseed or fertilise your lawns to keep it lush-green. If you live in an area with little rainfall, artificial lawns can be your best friend.

The synthetic turf of artificial grass is the easiest way of beautifying your gardens, playgrounds and lawns. Apart from being cost-efficient and eco-friendly, artificial lawns are also low on maintenance. No need to waste your holidays in the yard cleaning. Just a little brushing and scrubbing here and there can keep your lawns luxuriously green and tidy.

How to Maintain Artificial Lawns?

Maintenance of artificial lawns differs according to the circumstances. People who live in areas with heavy rainfall and lots of dust needs to preserve their synthetic turf more than others. If the synthetic grass is installed in an area with heavy footfall or other landscaping like flowers and trees, it would require good maintenance.

Though artificial lawns and backyards are rugged and durable, families who have children and pets require a good amount of support to keep the turf new and shiny. Therefore, the need for maintenance depends upon the circumstances surrounding your lawn.

Lawn Maintenance Plan

If you are lucky enough to have a family full of children and pets, you can smoothly upkeep your verdant artificial lawns monthly. To maintain and keep your beautiful synthetic turf clean, tidy and lush-green, here are some of the useful once-to-do tips.

Take a broom, rake or a floor brush and clean the turf once or twice in a month. This will keep your synthetic grass free of any debris or entanglement. It also keeps the grass strands levelled, straight and vertical.

TIP: For quick maintenance use a leaf blower to groom your synthetic turf.

Wash the grass with a tube or duct. These will remove any stain, pollen and dirt from the turf and keep it fresh. Also, check for any spills on the surface and clean them once a month.

Spill or Waste Cleaning Tips

A monthly cleaning schedule will keep your artificial lawns in adequate condition. However, sometimes you may have to deal with tough stains and spills. Though it is still better than the maintenance procedure of natural grass, you still have to do it.

Pet Poop

If you love your pet, you should go for synthetic lawns instead of natural grass lawns. Artificial turf is very pet-friendly. Your pet can keep running and playing on the lawn and it will not wear down as quickly as real grass. If you see any solid pet waste on the synthetic turf, you can simply use a doggy bag to pick it up. Urine stains can be cleaned with a hose, and if there is any odour, it can be easily removed with vinegar and enzymic neutralising liquid cleaner.

Food Spills

If your synthetic turf has been installed nearby BBQ, food and beverage splashes could be a problem. Though artificial grass lawns and backyards are stain resistant, you may have to sometimes clean some tough spills as some spills may leave behind a bad odour or nasty residue.

Remove solid substance from the surface with a thin flexible cutlery or spatula. Then use a mild cleansing liquid and a little elbow grease to take off the spill. You can also scrub the stain with a mild household soap liquid. After scrubbing the affected area wash it with water, but be careful not to spread it further into the lawn.

Oil Paint, Motor Oil or Grease Stains

If you have garage or car shed near your artificial lawn, it is quite possible you may have to deal with motor oil stains. Use mineral spirits to remove grease and motor oil spots on the turf.

While painting your house or deck, you may accidentally spill some oil paint on the grass. In such situations, you first take a towel and blot any extra liquid. Then clean the spot with a foaming detergent. Do not use water to wipe off the substance, as it may further spread the spill on the artificial lawn.

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03 Jul 2017
synthetic turf

Why Choose Synthetic Turf?

No doubt, beautiful green grass in your backyard or lawn looks fantastic but maintaining the growth and cleanliness of natural grass is not an easy task to do. Getting an attractive and fully landscaped garden is a dream of many homeowners with big and small lawns. Your poolside, backyard, rooftop, garden or play area should look green and clean. However, laying grass seeds or grass strips is not a smart choice.

With the development of science and technology, manufacturers and industry giants bring you the perfect alternative for natural green grass. Synthetic grass technology is a great alternative for all your lawn, backyard and other grass needs. Some people also love having a little splash of greenery indoors, and synthetic turf is a great option for them.

Here are some of the primary reasons why you should consider synthetic grass over natural grass:

#1 Environmentally Friendly

With the frequent changes in climatic conditions, it is quite difficult to predict the seasons. Will it rain when it is supposed to rain? Or, will we have to survive in a drought-like situation? Will the winter arrive on time? How long will the summer stay? Due to human -made damages to the environment, it has changed its pattern drastically.

Natural grass growing procedure is no doubt environment-friendly, but they need a lot of water to survive. In this changing climatic situation, we are already left with a minimal amount of water to survive.

With so much scarcity of water, it is nearly impossible for watering your lawns and backyards on a regular basis. It is also difficult to predict how significant the rains could be in keeping your lawns green. Synthetic Lawn needs no water to grow or survive; hence, they are an environment-friendly choice.

#2 Cost effective

Synthetic grass or synthetic lawns are the most cost-effective selection for your gardens, backyard, poolside and play area. Natural grass lawns need regular cutting, watering and mowing. Artificial grass or synthetic grass have no growth; hence, does not require watering, cutting and mowing. You just need to install them and clean them time to time.

When the synthetic lawn is placed over the floor, no grass patches can grow over it, which means no weeding is required. Synthetic grass has almost zero maintenance needs and costs attached to it.

Although artificial grass is highly durable, it can also wear out in areas with heavy footfall. This is a standard issue every homeowner must face, even in the case of natural grass. The best part of installing artificial grass is you can repair it in sections. In case, a part of artificial grass sheet is worn out, you can replace that particular section with new turf.

Artificial grass only requires an initial investment in installation and later it is almost zero maintenance cost as compared to natural grass. Manufacturers offer a minimum ten years of warranty on artificial grass. This makes it even more obvious to go for synthetic lawns, instead of natural grass lawn.

#3 Luxuriant and green outdoors

Nothing is better than a genuine product. Natural grass looks wonderful but it requires continuous dedication and a lot of time to show results. You need to invest months in watering, pulling weeds, mowing and fertilising, to get best results.

However, if you do not want to wait for ages to see a green lawn in front of your house, artificial grass is the ultimate solution for you. You just need to give a call to artificial turf manufacturer, and they can make your garden look luxuriant and lush-green in just 24 hours.

Synthetic turf is the easiest way of getting greenery around you, and it looks similar wherever you install it. You can install the artificial turf under a shade, over a rooftop or even at the paved areas.

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09 Dec 2016

Highfields daycare ( New Build )
Highfields daycare ( New Build )

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