Prestige Group Qld has rapidly grown its rubber playground surfacing and can now offer service Australia wide. We use Australian made rubber products based in Qld, and we can design and construct to any extent. We have in the past created rubber water parks for Child cares; rubber race tracks for schools, Custom design Council Playgrounds, Custom 3d Animals, Custom rubber Game Boards. We can also certify critical fall heights with our Rubber Soft Fall Surfacing products. Please remember no job is too small and we have teams Australia wide.

We also specialise in the acrylic surfaces – Tennis Courts, Handball Courts, and Multi Sports Courts.

That tired old concrete / Bitumen – we can transform that into a new playing surface no need to remove – we can rectify all surfaces.



CSBR (coloured rubber) is made of granulated tyre rubber coated with quality resins and pigments to achieve a thorough and even coloured coating. 

  • Largest colour ranger -18 colours to choose from 
  • Highest durability - Specially developed coating 
  • Easy to lay - Better and tighter surface finishes 
  • Best U.V. resistance - Quality pigments and resins 
  • Consistent colours - Produced in 900m2 batches
  • Produced from recycled Australian tyres - Independently green certified 
  • Great surface elasticity - Nothing compares to the quality of tyre rubber



EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is widely used today in the rubber playground industry. OPAL EPDM is the result of two years of exhaustive formula testing to provide the best synthetic rubber granule on the market today. OPAL is a granular EPDM rubber that is cured using a new peroxide process which substitutes the old sulphur cure mechanism, which has been the catalyst in the majority of problem cases where the EPDM has whitened after installation. The substitution of peroxide for sulphur as the curing mechanism the list of applications can be expanded due to the enhanced properties realized with peroxide. Peroxides have the advantage of creating compounds that exhibit improved aging, heat stability, modulus and compression set. They also create more colour stable compounds that will not revert during cure and have less tendency to bloom (whiten).

  • Bright Vivid Colours
  • High UV Resistance
  • Decreased Age Deterioration
  • Excellent Flexibility & Modulus
  • No Sulphur Blooming (whitening)
  • 19 Colours to Choose From

PSL OPAL peroxide cured EPDM meets all the criteria needed for the modern Australian synthetic rubber playground surface.


Rubber Designs

Rubber Mulch – We have since installed this application in various schools child cares, and also Brisbane city Council Depots.