From 2007 our company has in some way been involved in the manufacturing and installation of quality Australian Synthetic Grass products. Ranging from luxury residential, commercial and sporting projects. Please feel free to give our dedicated team a call to discuss your next project.          

We have designed and Built custom golf greens – basketball courts – tennis courts, you name it anything synthetic grass we can do it….

Synthetic Turf & Fake Grass in Brisbane & The Gold Coast

Prestige Synthetic Lawns is without a doubt the best and most trusted supplier of synthetic grass in Australia. With over 15 years of experience,  we have supplied Brisbane and the Gold Coast with the highest quality synthetic grass and customer service. Synthetic grass is a great solution that is long lasting and looks great all year round, for schools, businesses, restaurants and playgrounds.

Prestige Synthetic Lawns has an outstanding reputation for providing the residence of Brisbane and the Gold Coast with high-quality, long lasting and competitively priced synthetic grass. Synthetic grass continues to look great all year round regardless of the weather and water conditions and requires very minimal upkeep. It is extremely comfortable to the touch and soft to walk on even with bare feet.

At Prestige Synthetic Lawns, we have been involved in the manufacturing and the installation of quality Australian synthetic grass products since 2007. We specialise in a range of luxury residential, commercial and sporting projects across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We have designed and built a range of arrangements such as custom golf greens, basketball and tennis courts.

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Other Benefits of our Service

We can also offer a range of coloured grass in varying pile heights please call for specific details on these products.

Prestige Group also now offers Custom Printed Logos in Synthetic Turf – In door or outdoor options available.

We also offer below cost off cuts please call to discuss and see what’s available. Off cut prices are from $15 per sqm